Allow Remote Desktop Connection For Windows 10

Remote Desktop Connection or RDP is a protocol and tool used to connect remote systems via the network with GUI. Windows operating systems provide the RDP tool in order to connect Windows 10, Windows 7, and Windows Server remotely. By default Windows 10 is not configured to accept RDP connections remotely for security reasons but can be enabled easily by following these steps.

Enable RDP Configuration

The Remote Desktop Connection configuration can be opened in different ways but for Windows 10 the easist way is using the PC Settings tool. the PC Settings tool can be opened from the Start Menu like below.

Open PC Settings

The next step is opening the System settings menu like below.

Open System Settings

From the left sidebar, we will select the Remote Desktop in order to open the Remote desktop configuration like below. As we can see that the remote desktop is disabled or not enabled by default. We can enable the Remote Desktop connection by sliding on the “Enable Remote Desktop” configuration like below.

Enable Remote Desktop Connection

As the last confirmation step, we will be asked if we confirm enabling remote access to this computer. We will click on the “Confirm” like below.

Confirm Remote Desktop Connection

After enabling the Remote Desktop connection we will see a screen and configurations about Remote Desktop like below. We can configure the user accounts which can be used to connect this computer remotely.

Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection Configuration

Allow Specific User To Access Remote Desktop

By default after enabling a remote desktop connection to the system, the current user can access this system remotely. But we may also need to enable access to the other users using the remote desktop connection. We can add users from the User accounts menu like below where we can select users that can remotely access this PC.

Remote Desktop Configuration

We will see the “Remote Desktop Users” screen which lists the users who have remote access to this system. We can see the message “ismail already has access” which is the current user and not listed in the list. We can add new users by clicking on the “Add..” button like below.

Add New Remote Desktop User

We will see the “Select Users” screen where we can search or directly type the user name we want to add to the remote desktop users group. The last step is clicking on the “OK” button. After writing the user name we can click to the Check Names... button in order to check user name correctness and availibility.

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