Howto “gpupdate /force” Command In Windows?

Howto "gpupdate /force" Command In Windows?

Windows Active Directory provides policies in order to manage different configurations in a Windows Active Directory. The Group Policy is used to set configurations for a group of computers. By default when a group policy is created or updated the new policy is distributed between 30-90 minutes. But sometimes this policy can not be distributed … Read more

How To Open Local Group Policy Editor In Windows (Windows 10, Windows Server)?

How To Open Local Group Policy Editor In Windows (Windows 10, Windows Server)?

The Local Group Policy Editor is used to change computer and user-related configuration in Windows operating systems. The all modern Windows operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and all Windows Server versions provide the Local Group Policy Editor. Even the PC Settings or Control Panel can be used to configure … Read more

gpupdate – Update Group Policy via Windows with Command Line Interface

gpupdate - Update Group Policy via Windows with Command Line Interface

Windows operating systems use Group Policy in order to manage operating system configuration, settings, permissions, etc. in a structured and easy way. By creating and applying Group Policies single or multiple computers can be managed easily. The gpupdate command is the client-side command used to get new Group Policy updates via the network. The gpupdate … Read more

How To Force Group Policy Update In Windows?

How To Force Group Policy Update In Windows?

Group policy is used to apply settings for a specific group of users, computers, or ou . Group policy updates can take some time even in some cases it may not apply as we expected. Group policy updates are managed via the GPUpdate.exe in every system. By using this command the group policy update can … Read more

Map Network Drive with “net use” Command In Windows

Map Network Drive with "net use" Command In Windows

One of the powerful features of the Windows operating systems is sharing and mapping drives over the network. These network shares can be easily consumed by other network hosts like Windows, Modem, TV, Smartphone, etc. The “net use” command is used to mount and map windows shares over the network. net use Command Syntax Before … Read more

Change User Password with “net user” Command In Windows

Change User Password with "net user" Command In Windows

Windows provides the “net user” command in order to manage user account from the command line interface of MS-DOS or PowerShell. The “net user” command generally used to change a user password where the current password will be reset into the specified new one. The “net user” command can be also used to change or … Read more

nbtstat Command Tutorial

nbtstat Command Tutorial

NetBIOS is a popular protocol mainly used for Microsoft Windows operating systems. NetBIOS provides network-related information and communication over the TCP/IP. The nbtstat command is used to use and manage the NetBIOS protocol. Also, the nbtstat command is used to manage the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS). Another usage for the nbtstat command is troubleshooting … Read more

How To Find Computer Name (Windows, Linux, MacOSX)?

How To Find Computer Name In Windows?

Computer Name in Windows operating systems are used to name the computer or system uniquely. Even regular users do not aware of the computer name, it is very important in enterprise environments or multiple system networks. The computer name can be also called as Host Name where this computer or hostname is used for different … Read more