How To Restart Windows Time Service From Command Line Interface?

Windows Time Service is used to clock and date synchronize for Windows operating systems. The Windows Time Service is named as W32Time a Windows service. We can manage the Windows Time Service via command line interfaces like Ms-DOS or PowerShell. We can restart the Windows Time Service by using the net command and Stop-Service command. … Read more

Start and Stop Service via Command Line In Windows

Windows is a modern operating system that heavily uses services to accomplish different tasks and provides different services. The Windows services generally started and stopped in the background according to their configuration or automated scripts. We can also start and stop services in Windows operating system by using the command line interfaces MS-DOS or PowerShell. … Read more

Start Google Chrome Using Command Line On Windows 10

Google Chrome is the most popular browser for the Windows Operating system. We can start the Chrome browser using the command line interface or command prompt or MS-DOS or PowerShell in Windows. In this tutorial, we examine how to start Google Chrome via different command line interfaces in Windows, especially in Windows 10 operating system. … Read more

How To Test SQL Database Connection In PowerShell?

PowerShell provides the SQLServer in order to check MS-SQL database connectivity. On daily operations, we may need to set up or create an SQL database but there may be some problems with the connectivity. We can use the Test-SQLDatabase command in order to check the database connectivity for network, port, credentials, etc. Install Test-SQLDatabase The … Read more

Spaces Cause Split in Path with PowerShell

We can call an executable by using its absolute path. The path can be like “C:\Windows Services\backup.exe”. This creates the error like below. This error is also named as spaces cause split in path . In this tutorial we examine how to solve this error. Use Double Quotos Double quotos are the first solution in … Read more

Change Directory In PowerShell

PowerShell is the next-generation command line interface for Windows-based operating systems. While using PowerShell we generally need to change directories to run different commands or list different directory contents. PowerShell provides the cd and Set-Location commands in order to change directories. In this tutorial, we examine different scenarios to change the directory in PowerShell like … Read more

PowerShell Set-Variable Tutorial

PowerShell is complete programming or scripting language which provides different types of variables. The Set-Variable is used to set variable values or create a variable if it does not exist. Set Variable The Set-Variable can be used to set or create a variable easily. The -Name attribute is used to specify the variable name and … Read more

PowerShell Write-Output Command

PowerShell provides the Write-Output command in order to print objects, variables, and values to the console. It is very similar to the Linux echo command. To make things easier the echo an alias can be used instead of the Write-Output command to make Linux users comfortable. The Write-Output command can be used with the other … Read more

PowerShell Wait (Start-Sleep) Tutorial

PowerShell provides the Start-Sleep command in order to wait for the command line interface for the specified time. The wait time can be milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, etc. The Start-Sleep command simply accepts seconds or milliseconds as parameters but they can be used to express minutes and hours. In this tutorial, we examine how to … Read more

How To Run chkdsk In Windows?

How To Run chkdsk In Windows?

Windows operating systems provide the chkdsk command in order to scan hard disks to fine file system errors and fix them accordingly. The file system is used by the operating systems in order to store data like files and folders in storage like a hard disk drive. The chkdsk command is generally used via the … Read more