PowerShell SQL Server Tutorial

PowerShell provides the SQLServer module in order to work with the SQL Database server or Microsoft SQL Database Server. There is also the SQLPS module that is used to manage SQL server configuration. SQLServer Module The SQLServer module is mainly used to connect and consume the SQL server via the PowerShell command line interface. The … Read more

How To Test SQL Database Connection In PowerShell?

PowerShell provides the SQLServer in order to check MS-SQL database connectivity. On daily operations, we may need to set up or create an SQL database but there may be some problems with the connectivity. We can use the Test-SQLDatabase command in order to check the database connectivity for network, port, credentials, etc. Install Test-SQLDatabase The … Read more

Ping List Of Computers In PowerShell

PowerShell provides different commands and methods in order to ping a list of computers. We can check the connectivity to multiple computers in a simple and easy way with minimal effort by using the Net-Connection command or PowerShell script or foreach Loop. Ping List of Computers with Net-Connection Command The most practical and reliable way is using … Read more

Test Port (Open) Connection In PowerShell

PowerShell provides different commands in order to test remote ports whether they are open or closed. The open ports accept the connection requests but closed ports do not return any answer. In this tutorial, we examine different commands in order to check remote port connectivity. Keep in mind that the TCP protocol is used for … Read more

PowerShell Test-Connection Command Tutorial

Windows PowerShell provides the Test-Connection command in order to send packets to the remote systems. Generally, the ICMP packets are used which are also used by the ping command. Simply we can call the Test-Connection as the ping command in order to check remote system accessibility. Ping Remote IP Address  We can use the Test-Connection … Read more

What Is Swap File?

The swap file is a special file used by operating systems internally in order to store some less frequently used memory content or RAM content. the swap file also called page file or paging file and stored on the hard drive in a temporary location. The swap file is useful to solve memory problems by moving less frequently used memory content … Read more

Spaces Cause Split in Path with PowerShell

We can call an executable by using its absolute path. The path can be like “C:\Windows Services\backup.exe”. This creates the error like below. This error is also named as spaces cause split in path . In this tutorial we examine how to solve this error. Use Double Quotos Double quotos are the first solution in … Read more

Windows PowerShell Path Environment Variable

Windows Path environment variable is used to locate binaries, libraries, and software to load or execute. The Path variable simply provides multiple paths. The Paths environment variable contains multiple paths by separating them with semicolon ; . PowerShell can be used to access, update, and manage the Windows Path environment variable. Display Path Environment Variable … Read more

Combine Path In PowerShell

PowerShell provides the Join-Path cmdlet in order to combine paths. The Join-Path can be used to join or concatenate two or more paths together. Paths can be specified as strings. We can join path information like path, child path, drive, etc. by using the Join-Path command. Combine Path with Child Path The Join-Path command can … Read more

PowerShell Test-Path Tutorial

PowerShell provides the Test-Path cmdlet in order to check if the specified path exists. The Test-Path command returns boolean values like True and False. If the specified path exists the True value is returned. If the specified Path does not exist the False value is returned. Test Path The Test-Path command is used to check … Read more