Change/Set System Date and Time In Windows 10

Date and time are very important for IT-related issues and for the end-users. This information is displayed on the user’s Windows desktop. Using the right and accurate date-time is important. It can be configured accurately or changed in different ways where the GUI is one way to do that.

Change Date and Time From GUI

The Date and Time configuration can be done via the Date&Time screen. The Date&Time screen can be opened in different ways but the easiest and practical way is using the Taskbar Date/Time display like below. Right-click on it and then click on the “Adjust date/time“.

Open Adjust date/time

The Date&time screen is like below. All date and time-related configuration can be done via GUI with the following screen.

Date and Time Configuration

We can set the date and time automatically where the “Set time automatically” should be enabled. This will disable the set date and time manually. We can set the time zone automatically from the “Set time zone automatically” by enabling it. Alternatively, we can set the Time zone from the following list.

Set Time Automatically and Set Time Zone Automatically

Sync the date and time right now with the “Synchronize you clock” configuration “Sync now” button. This configuration also provides the last successful time synchronization date and time. Also, the time server information is provided too.

Synchronize your clock

Set Date and Time Manually

In oder to set the date and time manually the automatic time setting should be disabled like below and then click to the Change button like below.

The following screen is opened which is named “Change date and time“. Provides the date and time where the date information consists of Month, Day, Year and time consist of Hour, Minute, and AM/PM. The last step is clicking on the “Change” button like below.

Change date and time

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