Get BIOS Serial Number with “wmi bios get serialnumber” Command In Windows

Every computer, system, or PC has a serial number that is used to uniquely identify it. Serial numbers are generally sent via the system BIOS or similar firmware. This serial number also called as BIOS Serial Number . The wmi bios get serialnumber command can be used to retrieve this serial number in Windows operating systems like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows Server versions.

“wmi bios get serialnumber” Command

The wmi bios get serialnumber command simply prints the current system serial number which is stored inside the BIOS. This serial number is unique for each system by default. Different BIOS manufacturers use different BIOS number and BIOS number formats.

wmi bios get serialnumber

If this command is executed inside a VMware VM we can see a serial number like below which consist of hecadecimal values. The VMware VM serial number consist of 32 characters which are hexadecimal.

“wmi bios get serialnumber” Command
VMware-56 4d d8 5c 2c fc f0 56-20 2c 0a d7 94 fd ed 5d

In a physical Lenovo ThinkPad system we can see a serial number like below. This Lenovo system has serial number which consist of number and letter characters. The serial number consist of 8 characters.


MotherBoard Serial Number

Even the BIOS Serialnumer is mainly used as a system serial number other components of the system may have serial numbers to uniquely identify themselves. The motherboard is another important and main components of the system which also has a serial number called as MotherBoard Serial Number or MainBoard Serial Number . The wmic baseboard get product,version,serialnumber command can be used to print motherboard product name, version, and serial number.

wmic baseboard get product,version,serialnumber

From the output we can see that the BIOS and MotherBoard serial numbers are totally different and unique.

Product     SerialNumber  Version
20RDS03700  L1HF11Y059S   Not Defined
MotherBoard Serial Number

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