How To Change DNS Settings In Windows 10?

DNS is used to translate domain names into IP addresses which is very important for internet and network communication. DNS servers provide different services like domain name resolution, email server address, web server address, etc. Windows 10 provides the ability to configure DNS settings in different ways.

Open Network Connections

All network-related configuration can be done via the Network Connections . DNS, DHCP, IP, and related configuration can be done via the Network Connections. Network connections can be opened in different ways. The easiest way is using the Start Menu.

In the network connections screen, the network interfaces are listed below. Right click to the network interface you want to set the DNS server and then click to the Properties .

Network Interface Properties

In the network properties screen click to the Internet Protocol Version 4 like below.

Network Interface TCP/IPv4 Configuration

In the TCP/IPv4 properties select the Use the following DNs server address and set the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server . The Preferred DNS server is the first DNS server and is used as default.

Windows 10 DNS Configuration

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