How To Change Language In Windows 10?

Windows is the most popular desktop operating system used by millions of people. These people are from different countries and languages. Windows operating system supports multiple languages in order to be used by different language speakers other than English. Windows can be used with multiple languages by installing and setting new languages. In this tutorial, we examine how to install and change language in Windows.

Change Langauge In Windows 10

The Windows 10 language is managed in different ways. But the most straightforward way is using the Settings Language tool. First, we should open the Settings via the Start Menu like below.

Open Settings

In the Settings screen navigate to the Time& Language like below.

Open Time&Language

In the Time&Language screen click the Language from the left pane. The Windows display language configuration is used to select the language.


Add Language In Windows 10

If the language we want to use is not listed Windows display language we can add this language easily via the Language screen. First, click to the Add a langauge like below.

In the following screen filter the language you want to install and select it by clicking on it.

The last step is selecting the language features like Text-to-speech , Handwriting etc.

During the installation, the Pending label is displayed for the language like below.

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