How To Change Startup Programs In Windows 10?

Startup programs are used to configure to start specified programs and applications when Windows 10 is started. Even this is a very useful feature to automatically start applications by preventing the manual start and work it will also require more resources for more startup programs. In this case, disabling or changing startup programs is the best way to change the current situation.

Change From Startup Apps

Windows 10 provides the “Startup Apps” configuration from the “Settings“. First, click on the Start Menu, and there select the “Settings” like below.

Open Windows 10 Settings From Start Menu

This will open the Windows 10 Settings tool. There we will click on the “Apps” which provides configuration about the installed programs and applications.

Windows 10 Settings

From the Apps configuration screen we will navigate the “Startup” from the left side bar.

Windows 10 Startup Apps

Here we can use the sliders in order to enable to disable applications to start when the system start. Actually this configuration is related with the user. Apps can be configured to start when the user logs in. In most cases applications will start minimized or may only start as a background task.

Startup Apps

For all startup applications some configuration and information is provided. “On” means that this application starts every user login or start of system. “Off” means that specified application will not start in every login or start of the system. “No impact” means there is no performance impact for the specified application if it is started automatically. “Not measured” means the performance effect of the specified application is not measured for automatic start.

Change From Task Manager

Another ways to enable or disable startup applications is using the “Task Manager”. First we will open the Task Manager by right clicking to the Task Bar like below and click to the “Task Manager”.

Open Task Manager

In the task Manager open the Startup tab which list current startup applications.

  • Name is the applications well known name.
  • Publisher is the company providing applications.
  • Status is whether the applications enable or disable for automatic start.
  • Startup impact is the auto start performance status where “None” means there is no important impact and “Not measured” means the impact is not measured yet.
Task Manager Startup Applications

The startup application auto-start status can be changed by right-clicking on it where the “Enable” will enable autostart for selected applications and “Disable” will disable autostart for selected applications.

Enable or Disable Startup Apps From Task Manager

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