How To Disable Password For Windows 10?

Windows operating systems provide passwords for users in order to secure accounts. As all of the user’s personal or corporate data is located under the user account it should be protected against unintended access. The password is the most popular way for this protection. Even password usage provides security and protection it may create an annoyance for some situations to enter passwords again and again. In this tutorial, we examine how to disable passwords for the Windows 10 operating systems.

Disable Password via User Accounts Tool

Windows provides the User Accounts tool in order to manage user-related options. The netplwiz command is used to open the User Accounts tool.


Disable Password via MS-DOS Command Line Interface

MS-DOS Commandline interface is another way to disable passwords for the user account. The MS-DOS or PowerShell can be used with the net user command in order to disable the user password. The syntax of the “net user” command is like below.

net user USERNAME *

In the following example, we will disable the password for the user named ali .

> net user ali *

Press Enter for every question where empty password will be set.

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