How To Enable Hibernate For Windows?

Windows provides different waiting options like Hibernate , Sleep etc. The hibernate is used to power off the computer or laptop completely and save the contents of the memory into the disk or hard disk. When the system started again the saved memory contents read from the disk and the system resumed where it left like open application, tool, and restored.

Hibernate vs Sleep

Hibernate and Sleep may seem similar operations but there are differences between them. The following list provides the differences between hibernating and sleep.

Power ConsumptionNoLittle
Poweroff SpeedLongerLittle
Startup SpeedLongerLittle

Hibernate option is not provided by all laptops or PCs. For example PCs with InstantGo don’t have a hibernation option. Hibernate uses very less power than running in a normal state. The hibernation can be done via the Start Menu by clicking to the Hibernate button.

START MENU->Power->Hibernate

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