How To Format Drive with exFAT In Windows?

The exFAT or Extensible File Allocation Table is a file system which is invented in 2006 by Microsoft. The exFAT is specifically created for portable drives like USB, SD Cards, etc. The exFAT can be used when NTFS is not feasible. The exFAT provides fewer features with speed and simplicity. The exFAT format is more compatible with other systems than NTFS. We can use the Windows format disk tool in order to create or format the drive with exFAT.

We can use File Explorer in order to open the format screen. First right-click on the hard disk drive we want to format as exFAT. Keep in mind that non-USB or non-SD cards do not provide the exFAT file system to format.

In the format, screen open the File system dropdown menu and select exFAT . Also, we can set Volume label which is a human-friendly name for the drive. Quick format is selected by default to format drive in a quick way.

exFAT Format

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