How To Install Windows 10 SDK and Tools

Windows SDK (Software Development Kit) is used to provide auxiliary and helper tools and libraries to develop applications on Windows 10. The Windows 10 SDK is required by different applications, tools, or processes to accomplish their task. In this tutorial, we examine how to install the Windows 10 SDK via the installer. The ISO file can be downloaded and installed offline alternatively but the installer method is faster and easier to use. Only prefer the ISO file if offline (without internet) installation is required.

Download Windows 10 Installer

Windows 10 installer can be downloaded via the following link. After opening this link navigate to the Getting Started section and click the Download Installer like below.

After the download the winsdksetup.exe is complete double click it to start Windows 10 SDK installer.

Start winsdksetup.exe

The first screen is the Specify Locatin where the installation location and download cache location are selected. Default values are OK in most of the situations.

Windows 10 SDK Download and Installation Location

The second step is setting the information collection configuration with the following screen.

In this step we accept the License Agreement .

The Select the features you want to install step is used to select the features, libraries, tools, or files by clicking on the related checkbox.

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