How To Install Windows 20 October 2020 Update (20H2) Version?

Microsoft released the latest update named 20H2 for the Windows 10 operating systems on 20 October 2020. This update is a rolling release update which means the update can be installed without a fresh install on to the existing installation. 20H2 update is provided for the Windows versions like Home, Education, Pro, Enterprise, and IoT.

How To Update To 20H2 (20 October 2020 Update)?

The recent Windows update can be easily installed from the Windows Update window. First, we will open the Windows Update screen with steps Settings -> Update&Security -> Windows Update. Alternatively, you can use the Start Menu and type Windows Update which will list the Windows Update Settings like below.

Open Windows Update

You will see the following screen where you may see the message You're up to date but in order to be sure click to the check for updates like below.

Force Update If You Do Not See The 20 October 2020 Update

If you have not listed for the Windows 10 October 20 2020update you have to install the update and upgrade the 20H2 version forcibly. Why Microsoft delay this update? The main reason is that update may be broken and if all Windows systems install this update it will be a mess. So providing update to the computers in a row for a time range it will be better and give the ability to fix broken parts of the update if exist.

Microsoft provides the Update Assistant in order to make updates manually with a tool. This will just an exe file which will check the current version of theWindows10 and the latest version and update available and then download and install required updates.

First we will see the following screen where the license terms and applicable notices are displayed. We will Accept the agreement.

The tool will download recent uptodate information about the Windows10 installation and update.

In the following screen we will be asked “What do you want to do?” and we will select “Upgrade this PC now”.

Windows 10 Upgrade and Update

In the following screen we will see a download and progress screen which will download most recent update information about Windows 10.

Again we will see the following notices and license terms screen.

The last step is starting the Update by clicking to the Update button which will install the latest Windows 10 version 20H2

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