How To Open Local Group Policy Editor In Windows (Windows 10, Windows Server)?

The Local Group Policy Editor is used to change computer and user-related configuration in Windows operating systems. The all modern Windows operating systems like Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and all Windows Server versions provide the Local Group Policy Editor. Even the PC Settings or Control Panel can be used to configure Windows operating system the Local Group Policy Editor provides detailed configuration abilities. In this tutorial, we learn how to open the Local Group Policy Editor screen or GUI in different ways like via command-line interface, Start Menu, File Explorer, etc.

Open via MS-DOS Command Line Interface

The MS-DOS command line interface can be used to opne Local Group Policy Editor. The gpedit command is used to start and open the Local Group Policy Editor.


But keep in mind that the current user should have administrative privielges in order to manage Local Group Poılicy Editor for complete administration. Alternatively we can open the MS-DOS as Administrator which is described below and execute the gpedit command with the Administrative privileges.

Open via PowerShell Command Line Interface

The PowerShell can be also used to open Local Group Policy Editor which is very similar to the MS-DOS. First open the PowerShell command line interface and then type the command gpedit .


Open via Windows Run

Windows Run is used to run or execute commands in a pratical, easy and fast way. The Windows Run can be used to open Local Group Poılicy Editor by using the gpedit.msc command.

Open via Start Menu

The Start Menu is another easy and fast way to open Local Group Policy Editor. Just typing some words from the “Local Group Policy Editor” lists the Local Group Policy Editor. It is listed as Edit group policy like below.

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