How To Open “msconfig” System Configuration In Windows?

Windows MsConfig which is called as System Configuration tool is used to configure some basic options about the Windows startup. The MSConfig is used to enable disabled software, device drivers, and Windows services during the startup. It can be also used to change boot parameters. The MSConfig can be opened in different ways but using the Windows Run or Start Menu is one of the easiest ways.

msconfig or System Configuration

Open via Windows Run

The MSConfig can be opened via the Windows Run. First, we open the Windows Run by using the WIN+R keyboard shortcut.


Then we type the msconfig command and click the OK button.

Open via Windows Run

Open via Start Menu

An alternative way to open MSConfig is using the Start Menu. First, click to the Start Menu and then type msconfig which lists the System Configuration app like below. Just click to the Open System Configuration in order to open MSConfig.

Open via Start Menu
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