How To Reboot/Restart Windows 10?

Windows provides different ways to reboot the system. The reboot simply means booting the already running system again. In this tutorial, we will show how to boot from GUI, MS-DOS, and PowerShell command-line interfaces with different commands.

Windows “Restarting” Screen

Reboot/Restart Windows via Start Menu

The Start menu provides the most popular and practical way to restart a Windows. Click the Start Menu->Power->Restart which will directly restart the computer. If you have ongoing tasks save them before restarting.

Restart/Reboot Windows From Start Menu

Reboot/Restart Windows via CTRL+ALT+DEL Keyboard Keys

Alternative GUI way to restart or reboot a Windows is using the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys to open the following screen which provides some basic management tasks like “Lock Session”, “Switch User”, “Sign out” etc. Also left bottom corner provides the Power icon where we can restart the computer.

Reboot/Restart Windows via CTRL+ALT+DEL Keyboard Keys

Reboot/Restart Windows with shutdown Command

Windows provides multiple commands in order to reboot the system. The shutdown command mainly created to shutdown the system but can also reboot the system. The /r option is used to restart system with the shutdown command via MS-DOS or PowerShell command line interface.

shutdown /r
Reboot/Restart Windows with shutdown Command

By default the restart has some delay about 1 minute with the shutdown command. This delay can be cancelled with the /t 0 parameter where the system will restart immediately.

shutdown /r /t 0

Reboot/Restart Windows with Restart-Computer PowerShell Command

PowerShell provides the Restart-Computer command or cmdlet in order to restart the system. This command can be used in PowerShell only. There is no extra parameter for the Restart-Computer command.


Alternatively, the remote system can be restarted with the Restart-Computer by providing the remote systems via hostname or IP address by using the -ComputerName attribute.

Restart-Computer -ComputerName,myserver

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