How To Restart/Reboot Remote Computer?

Windows operating system provides different ways in order to restart the remote computers. Restart is also called a reboot where the remote system will be the first shutdown and then started automatically. Remote Desktop Connection, MS-DOS, and PowerShell command-line interfaces can be used to restart the specified single or multiple remote computers.

Restart Remote Computer with RDP (Remote Desktop Connection)

Remote Desktop Connection or RDP is a great way to manage Windows systems remotely via GUI. RDP provides easy to use access to the remote system graphical user interface like a local system. By using the RDP connection a remote computer can be restarted easily via the Power button of the Start Menu. Just click on the Restart like below.

Restart Remote Computer via RDP

Restart Remote Computer with shutdown Command In MS-DOS

MS-DOS or command prompt provides the shutdown command which is used to shut down but can be also used to reboot a remote system. The /r option is provided to the shutdown command in order to reboot. Also, the remote system or computer name or IP address should be provided with the /m option to the shutdown command. In the following example, we will shut down the remote system named \\mypc .

shutdown /r /m \\mypc

Alternatively we can specify the remote system IP address instead of the computer or hostname.

shutdown /r /m \\

By default the shutdown or reboot operation start after 60 seconds. This time is provided to the users to complete their tasks and save them. This 60 seconds delay can be cancelled and the system can be directly rebooted with the /t 0 option which will set the wait time as 0.

shutdown /r /t 0 /m \\

Restart Remote Computer with Restart-Computer Command In PowerShell

PowerShell provides the Restart-Computer command or cmdlet in order to reboot the local or remote computer. The remote computer name or IP address provided with the -ComputerName attribute.

Restart-Computer -ComputerName mypc

If there are some running processes which can delay or prenvet the remote computer from restarting the -Force attribute can be specified which will forcibly restart the remote computer.

Restart-Computer -ComputerName mypc

Multiple remote computers can be rebooted with the Restart-Computer command where the remote computer names or IP addresses provided by separating them with command.

Restart-Computer -ComputerName mypc,yourpc,hispc

IP addresses can be also used to restart multiple remote computers at the same time.

Restart-Computer -ComputerName,,

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