How To Run Exe Files In MS-DOS / CMD.exe / Command Prompt In Windows?

The Windows operating systems provide the MS-DOS or CMD.exe or Command Prompt where all of them refer to the same thing. The command prompt provides the ability to manage and use Windows via commands. The command prompt can be used to run and execute different programs, applications, tools, etc. The EXE is an extension that is used for executable files. The executable files can be executed as commands in the command prompt easily.

Run EXE in Command Prompt

The exe files can be executed via command prompt by navigating to their path. First open the Start Menu and type “cmd” in order to list and open Command Prompt.

Open MS-DOS or Command Prompt

Now we navigate to the path of the exe file. The cd command can be used to change current working directory and navigate to the exe file path.

cd "Program Files"

cd "7-Zip"


Alternatively the path of the exe file can be navigated with a single cd command providing the complete path.

cd "Program Files\7-zip"


the most direct way to run exe file is providing the exe file with its complete path name. In the following example we type the complete path of the exe file named mysql.exe .


Run EXE with Drag and Drop

Windows is a user friendly operating system where the exe file can be executed via the File Explorer drag and drop feature. The exe file is selected and than dropped into the command prompt like below and pressed Enter to execute the exe file named mysql.exe.

Run EXE with Drag and Drop

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