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How To Scan Disk In Windows?

Hard disk is an important part of the computers where all files are stored inside them. The hard disk is used and managed by operating systems file systems and over time the disk may become slow as single file data is stored in different locations of the disk as multipart. Windows operating systems provide the Scan Disk tool or solution in order to to make file operations faster.

Scan Disk with Error Checking Tool

All modern Windows operating systems like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Server, etc. provides the Error Checking tool which checks the specified disk for errors and fixes them immediately. Open File Explorer and navigate to the This PC . Right-click to the disk you want to scan and select the Properties like below.

Open Scan Disk

Int the Properties screen click to the Tools tab and then click to the Check button which opens the Error Checking screen.

Error Checking

In the Error Checking screen click to the Scan Drive .

Scan Drive for Errors

During the scan or error check, the following screen is displayed.

Error checking

When the scan disk is completed the following information is provided.

Error Checking Result

Scan Disk with SFC Command

The Scan Disk operation can be completed via the command-line interface. A command-line interface like MS-DOS or PowerShell can be used. The MS-DOS or PowerShell should be opened as Administrator like below.

Scan Disk with SFC Command

Then run the following sfc command with the /scannow option.

> sfc /scannow
Scan Disk with SFC Command

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