How To Share Internet Connection with Others in Windows 10?

Windows 10 provides different useful features where the Internet Connection Sharing or ICS is one of them. This is useful to share the current computer internet connection with other computers. The LAN (ethernet) or WiFi(Wireless) can be used to share the current computer internet connection.

Share Internet Connection with WiFi (Wireless)

The current internet connection can be shared via WiFi or Wireless by using the computer wifi interface as HotSpot. Generally, if this computer has a connection via LAN or a USB Dongle this internet can be shared like a wireless router. Wireless internet sharing can be enabled via the Mobile hotspot screen. Follow Start -> Settings -> Network&Internet -> Mobile hotspot . Click to the Share my Internet connection with other devices and enable it by setting On .

Share Windows 10 Internet Connection Via Wifi/Wireless/HotSpot

Also the Network name , Network password , Network band can be changed via the Edit button. The following configuration can be used to change these configurations. The network band can be set as 2.5 Ghz or 5 Ghz or both of them.

Windows WiFi/Wireless/HotSpot Network Configuration

Share Internet Connection with LAN (Ethernet)

Another way to share an Internet connection is sharing the Wireless Connection via the LAN or ethernet. First, we will open the Network Connections via Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network Connection . Right-click to the WiFi network adaptor and click to the Properties like below.

In the WiFi Properties click to the Sharingtab and check the Allow other network users to connect through this computers's Internet connection . Select the connection to share internet which is Ethernet 2 in this example.

Share Internet Connection with Ethernet/LAN Network

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