How To Zip A Folder In Windows?

Zip is a compression algorithm and format used to take up less storage to store files and folders. Windows operating systems after Windows 7 provide built-in support for the zip compressions algorithm. So we can zip a folder in windows easily without installing extra software.

Zip Folder via File Explorer

The most straightforward and easy way is using the Windows built-in tool which is provided via GUI like File Explorer. Right-click to the folder you want to zip and navigate to the Send to menu like below. In the Send to a menu select the Compressed (zipped) folder .

zip Folder In Windows

The compressing operation is displayed like below. The compression time changes according to the file count, file sizes, CPU performance and avaiable memory.

Zip Folder with 7z Tool via GUI

The 7zip is a 3rd party tool which supports different compressios algorithms where one of them is zip. We can use the 7zip in order to compress a folder via GUI. First we should install 7zip from its web site.

Zip Folder with 7z Tool via GUI

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