“ipconfig release && ipconfig renew” Renew IP Address for Windows

Windows operating systems provide the ipconfig command in order to manage network-related configuration. The ipconfig command can be used to display, edit, change or clear the IP configuration of the Windows operating system. The ipconfig renew command is used to renew the IP address of the Windows.

ipconfig Command Syntax

The ipconfig command has the following simple syntax.

ipconfig OPTION
  • OPTION is used to take different actions with different options like /renew .

ipconfig renew

The ipconfig /renew is used to renew the IP addresses. If there is an assigned IP address it is renewed with a new one. If the network interface is not assigned with an IP address it is assigned with a new IP address.

First, we open the MS-DOS command-line interface or Command Prompt . Command prompt can be opened in different ways but the most practical way is using the Start Menu and typing command prompt like below. The following step can be used for all Windows versions like Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Server.

First we use the ipconfig /release command in order to release and reset the current IP address configuration.

>ipconfig /release

Then we wil use the ipconfig /renew command to get a new IP address.

>ipconfig /renew

Check New (Renewed) IP Address

Currently renewed IP configuration can be displayed and checked by using the ipconfig command.


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