Keyboard Shortcut For Print Screen Without PrintScreen Button

Most of the computers and keyboards provide the Print Screen key in order to print or capture a current screenshot. But in some cases, the print screen key does not exist or can not be used. But how can we print a screen without a keyboard shortcut for the print screen key or button?

Print Screen with WIN+SPACE

The WIN+SPACE or Windows Key with the Space key can be used to print screens in order to take screenshots.


Print Screen with FN+WIN+SPACE

In some cases, the WIN+SPACE may not work properly. Alternatively the FN+WIN+SPACE keys can be used to take screenshots.


Print Screen with Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool is an official tool to take screenshots for the Windows operating systems. It can be used without a PrintScreen key to take screenshots. Type snipping to the Start Menu like below.

Open Snipping Tool

In the following screen click to the New in order to take screenshots.

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