Open and View Windows AppData Folder

Windows operating systems use the AppData folder in order to store application settings, files, and data related to the installed applications. The AppData is called a system folder as it is mainly used by the operating system and related applications. As a system folder, the AppData folder is hidden by default and does not list by the File Explorer default.

Even this AppData folder is not used directly a lot of applications use to store bookmarks, saved sessions etc. In this tutorial we will learn how to open the AppData folder and view and list AppData Folder content.

Open AppData Folder

The AppData folder is located under the current user home folder as hidden folder. This means every user has separate AppData folder dedicated to itseslf. The AppData folder can be opened by navigatin to the current user home folder and then add the AppData to the path like below.


Alternatively some shortcut system variable can be used to open AppData Roaming folder. Open the Windows Run with the WIN+R keyboard shortcut and then type %AppData% like below.

This opens the AppData Roaming folder like below. We can see that every installed software or vendor has a folder to store related application data. In tis case Adobe , Microsoft , Mozilla and MySQL are listed and stored.

List and View AppData Folder Hidden Content

Some content in the AppData Folder is stored as hidden file or folder. They are not listed by default but the Hidden items configuration can be used to list and view this hidden content. In the File Explorer navigate to the View tab and check the Hidden items checkbox.

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