Snipping Tool Shortcut In Windows 10

Windows 10 provides the Snipping Tool in order to take screenshots. The snipping tool can be opened and used with keyboard shortcuts easily. In this tutorial, we examine different keyboard shortcuts to open and use the snipping tool in Windows 10.

Open Snipping Tool with “WIN+SHIFT+S” Keyboard Shortcut

The WIN+SHIFT+S keyboard shortcuts can be used to start the screenshot taking easily with just one step. The snipping tool is automatically started and the following screen appears. We just need to select the region we want to take a screenshot.

Take Screenshot

When the screenshot is taken the following popup is displayed on the right bottom corner of the desktop.

Open Snipping Tool with Start Menu

The Snipping Tool can be also opened via the Start Menu easily. Just click on the Start Menu and type snipping tool which lists the Snipping Tool like below.

The screenshot can be taken by clicking to the New button like below.

Take New Screenshot with Snipping Tool

Open Snipping Tool with Snipping Tool Taskbar Shortcut

Another shortcut for the Snipping Tool is using the Taskbar. We should add the Snipping Tool Taskbar shortcut. First, open the Snipping Tool with previously provided methods. Then right-click to the taskbar snipping tool icon and select Ping to taskbar like below.

Add Snipping Tool Taskbar Shortcut

Then we can start the Snipping Tool with the taskbar shortcut like below.

Snipping Tool Task Bar Shortcut

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