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PowerShell Set-Variable Tutorial

PowerShell is complete programming or scripting language which provides different types of variables. The Set-Variable is used to set variable values or create a variable if it does not exist. Set Variable The Set-Variable can be used to set or create a variable easily. The -Name attribute is used to specify the variable name and … Read more

PowerShell $_ Pipeline Variable Tutorial

PowerShell provides variables in order to store data which can be text, number, etc. PowerShell also provides some special variables which are used with PowerShell structures. The $_ dollar sign and underscore is used to define a special variable called Pipeline Variable . In PowerShell, the $ sign is used to define variables where a … Read more

PowerShell Variable Tutorial

PowerShell Variable Tutorial

PowerShell is a very advanced scripting and programming language that supports the variables. Variables in PowerShell can be used to store data like integer, number, string, text, date, time, object, etc. For example, a PowerShell variable can be store a command output in a structured way as we can also call it an object. Define … Read more