Restart Windows Computer Remotely From Command Line

Windows computers can be restarted from command line remotely. We can Use the shutdown MS-DOS command or Restart-Computer Powershell command in order to restart computers remotely. The shutdown command can be used to restart remotely via the PowerShell. Restart Using shutdown Command The shutdown command can be used to restart Windows compuer remotely. The /r … Read more

Restart Windows From Command-Line (cmd)

Restart Windows From Command-Line(cmd)

Windows operating systems Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Server provides the shutdown command in order to restart the computer from the command line. Restart operation will stop all actively running applications and kill the running process in 30 seconds after the reboot command issued. Reboot/Restart Windows Computer The boot is … Read more

Windows shutdown Command Tutorial

Windows shutdown Command Tutorial

All modern Windows operating systems provide the shutdown command which is used to shut down or turn off the windows system from the command line easily. The shutdown command is used with different options for different shutdown behaviors. shutdown Command Syntax shutdown command has the following simple syntax where only options can be provided to … Read more