How To Open “msconfig” System Configuration In Windows?

Windows MsConfig which is called as System Configuration tool is used to configure some basic options about the Windows startup. The MSConfig is used to enable disabled software, device drivers, and Windows services during the startup. It can be also used to change boot parameters. The MSConfig can be opened in different ways but using … Read more

How To Change Startup Apps In Windows?

How To Change Startup Apps In Windows?

Startup Apps is used to set some applications to start after reboot automatically. Windows provides the Startup Apps configuration to set programs and applications to start automatically. Configure Startup Apps In Windows XP and Windows 7 Open Startup App The Startup App can be opened via the Windows Run. First, open the Windows run with … Read more

How To Find Computer Name (Windows, Linux, MacOSX)?

How To Find Computer Name In Windows?

Computer Name in Windows operating systems are used to name the computer or system uniquely. Even if regular users do not aware of the computer name, it is very important in enterprise environments or multiple system networks. The computer name can be also called as to Host Name where this computer or hostname is used … Read more