This Task Requires That The User Account Specified Has Log On As Batch Job Rights

Microsoft implements a security control by setting a policy that determines which accounts can log on by using a batch tool or job. For example, Task Scheduler can be used to run batch jobs with different accounts and privileges. The This task requires that the user account specified has lon on as batch job rights error is very common. While using the Task Schedulers Add Scheduled Task Wizard this error can be encountered.

Assign Local User For “Batch Job Rights”

The local user should be assigned for the Batch Job Rights in order to solve this error. The secpol.msc command is used to open Local Security Policy from the Start Menu like below.

From the Local Security Policy click to the Local Policies -> User Rights Assignment . There find the Log on as a batch job configuration. Double click on this setting.

The following screen provides the list of users who can run batch jobs. The button Add User or Group... is clicked to add the user.

In the following screen type the user name which is ismail in this example. Last step is clicking to the OK button in order to add the user “ismail”.

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