What Is AppData Folder In Windows?

The AppData folder is a special folder used to store application settings, libraries, configurations for a specific user. The AppData folder is not displayed by default because it is a hidden folder like system-related folders. The AppData folder is not designed to be used by users in daily life. It is used by installed Windows applications behind the scenes.

What Is AppData Folder?

The AppData folder is a user-specific folder that contains user specific application data like configuration, graphics, temporary files, cache, etc. Each user in windows has a separate AppData folder which is located under the user’s directory. The AppData folder is specific to the current Windows operating system and can not be used or sync with other Windows operating systems. A typical or default AppData folder content is like below. Generally, companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Mozilla create a directory for their products and applications in the Roaming directory.

AppData Folder Content

AppData Local Folder

The Local folder is used to store data about specific Windows applications. For example, the random file for the PuTTY SSH tool is stored inside this Local Folder.

AppData Local Folder

AppData LocalLow Folder

The LocalLow folder is very same as the Local folder where the low integrity and security restricted applications data is stored inside this LocalLow folder. This folder generally has less content than the Local folder because it fits some applications.

AppData Roaming Folder

The Roaming folder is used to store data that can be synced between multiple Windows systems. This folder generally stores browser bookmarks, plugin configurations, saved passwords, and structural data.

AppData Roaming Folder

Where Is The AppData Folder and How To Open?

The AppData is located under the user’s home directory which is “C:\User\ismail\AppData” for Windows 8 and Windows 10 or “C:\Documents and Settings\ismail\AppData” for Windows XP and Windows 7. The user name “ismail” should be changed with the current username. Also, the “%appdata%” shortcut can be used to locate the current users AppData folder. This can be used from a command-line interface MS-DOS, PowerShell, or via the File Explorer. Even the Windows Run can be used directly to open the AppData like below.

Open AppData From Windows Run

By default the AppData file is hidden and o not displayed by the File Explorer. the AppData file can be shown by showing “Hidden items” like below.

Show Hidden AppData Folder

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