What Is The Latest Version Of Windows 10 As Today?

Windows 10 is the most popular desktop operating system in the world. Windows 10 is updated regularly to fix errors and add new features and security updates. Even the Windows 10 is the major version there are different minor versions that are updated regularly. As of today, Windows is updated regularly every six months with a new minor version number. This update is generally dated around March and September. Every update and release has a release number.

What Is the Latest Windows Version As Today?

As of today which is 27 October 2020, the latest minor version of the Windows 10 operating system is “20H2” which is released on October 20, 2020. As stated previously Microsoft releases Windows 10 updates every six months in a periodic manner. More recent and detailed information about the latest version of Windows can be get from the following link. Thi release information page provides details and an older update version of Windows 10.


Windows 10 Latest Version and Support Date

We can see that this latest version update is named as Semi-Annual Channel servicing option. The OS build is numbered as 1904.572 where the end of service time is 2022-05-10 for home, pro, pro-education, pro workstations, and IoT core versions. For Enterprise, Education, and IoT Enterprise versions the end of the service data is 2023-05-09.

Check If You Are Using the Latest Version

You can check if you have the latest version of Windows 10 by displaying the current version of windows 10 and looking to the latest Windows version from the given URL. you can see the current version from Windows Settings -> System -> About .

Windows Version and OS Build Number

From the screenshot, we can see that this system is not the latest version and needs to get updates to update to the latest version. This screen provides the Windows version which is 20004 and Windows OS build information which is 19041.572.

How To Update To The Latest Windows Version

By default, Windows installs updates automatically when Microsoft releases the update. But Microsoft release updates not immediately to all computers. The update will be released slowly over time. The latest version updates can be downloaded and installed in different ways. The default and most easy way is using the “Windows Update” which can be accessed Settings -> Update&Security -> Windows Update or simply from the Start Menu by typing “Windows Update” like below.

Open Windows Update From Start Menu

We will see the following Windows Update screen where we can download and install the updates.

Update Windows 10

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