Windows gpresult HTML Tutorial

The gpresult command is used to display GPO on Windows operating system. The gpresult command provides different options in order to display Group Policy Objects. One of the most popular usages for the gpresult is exporting the result into an HTML file. The exported HTML file is in a pretty print state which can be easily read. By default the gpresult prints the GPO to the command line interface.

Export GPO to HTML File

The GPO can be exported as an HTML file by using the /h option. The exported HTML file name is provided after the /h option. In the following example, we export the GPO into an HTML file named GPO_Report.html .

> gpresult  /h GPO_Report.html

Export Computer GPO to HTML File

The GPO consists of Computer GPO and User GPO. We can only export the Computer GPO into an HMTL file by the user the /scope:computer option.

> gpresult /scope:computer  /h GPO_Report.html

Export User GPO to HTML File

The user GPO provides user-only Group Policy Objects. The user GPO can be printed with the /scope:user option into an HTML file like below.

> gpresult /scope:user  /h GPO_Report.html

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