Windows “gpresult /r” Command Tutorial

Windows gpresult command is used to display or export Group Policy Objects. The gpresult /r command is one of the most used ways and the /r option is used to print all GPO into the command line interface or MS-DOS. The /r option can be also used with the PowerShell to print GPO to the terminal.


The gpresult /r can be used to print Group Policy Objects in MS-DOS.

> gpresult /r

Print GPO In PowerShell

The gpresult /r command can be also used in PowerShell command-line interface in order to display GPO.

PS> gpresult /r
Print GPO In PowerShell

Export GPO To HTML File

The gpresult /r command can be used to export GPO into an HTML file in a human-friendly and pretty printed way. The /h option is provided with the HTML file and path name like below.

> gpresult /r /h GPO_REPORT.html

Export GPO To Text File

> gpresult /r GPO_REPORT.txt
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