How To Reset Network In Windows 10?

Most of the network configuration in Windows 10 is stored permanently for stability and easy configuration. These configurations are reloaded every time Windows 10 is started. In some cases, some network configurations may create problems. We can reset the network configuration of Windows 10 easily. Keep in mind that the reset of the network configuration lost all previously saved passwords, IP addresses, DNS servers, default gateway, etc.

The Network&Internet configuration is used to reset the network in Windows 10. First, we open the Settings via the Start Menu.

Open Settings

In the settings, the screen click to the Network & Internet like below.

Open Network & Internet

In the Status page navigate to the down and click to the Network reset like below.

Status and Network Reset

This screen is used to remove and then reinstall all the network adaptors and set them into their original settings. For example, you should reinstall the VPN clients, software, or virtual switches.

In the following screen, we should click to the Yes to complete network reset.

Approve Network Reset

When the network reset is approved following screen is displayed which simply informs that Windows 10 will be restarted in 5 minutes to complete the network reset.

Keep in mind that a Windows 10 network reset simply clear all configuration like wireless password, IP address, VPN configuration, etc. So the network reset should be the last resort for a solution.

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