How To Tracert

The tracert command is used to find traceroute information from the current host to the specified destination or target. Google is one of the most popular and reliable destinations for the traceroute and generally used by system administrators. In this tutorial, we will examine how to traceroute to Google or “”.

Trace Route To Google

The tracert command is used to traceroute to the This comman displays every intermediate host with their names.


Trace Route To Google with IPv6

By default while tracing to the Google the tracert command use IPv4. But alternatively we can specify the IPv6 as default protocol for the tracert to the target.

tracert -6

If the current system do not have any IPv6 interface, address or IPv6 is not enabled the following error is printed while tracing to the Google.

Unable to resolve target system name

Trace Route To Google with Intermediate Hosts IP

By default the hostname or domain name information about the intermediate hosts are printed during Google trace route. The intermediate hosts IP addresses can be displayed with the -d option.

tracert -d

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