How To Use Telnet On Windows?

Telnet is a protocol and tool used to connect remote systems via the command-line interface. The name telnet comes from the teletype network . Telnet is a very popular and common protocol that is supported by a lot of different platforms, operating systems, etc. Even it is assumed that telnet is not a secure protocol its simplicity and popularity make it a very powerful protocol and tool. In this tutorial, we examine how to install and enable telnet and use it to connect remote telnet servers.

Enable/Install Telnet via Programs and Features (GUI)

The telnet client is provided via the Windows Features . First, we will open the Windows Features tool via the Start Menu by typing windows fetures .

In the Windows, Features tool find the Telnet Client and select the checkbox. The last step is clicking to the OK button which starts the installation of the telnet client.

Install Telnet Client

Enable/Install Telnet via Command Line Interface (MSDOS)

Another way to install and enable Telnet command is to use the command-line interface like MSDOS or PowerShell. Use the following command in the MS-DOS or PowerShell which install the Telnet client named TelnetClient package.

> pkgmgr /iu:"TelnetClient"

Telnet Command Syntax

The telnet command has a very simple syntax. The first parameter of the telnet command is the hostname or IP of the remote telnet server. The port number is optional because it is assumed 23 by default. But if the remote telnet server runs in a different port we can specify the port number explicitly.


Connect Remote Telnet Server

In this part, we will connect a remote telnet server by using the telnet command. As the first example, we will specify the remote server IP address to connect.

> telnet

If the remote telnet server has a different port number than the default port number The port number can be provided after the IP address. In the following example, we set the remote telnet server port number as 2323.

> telnet 2323

In the following example, we will use the remote telnet server hostname which is expressed as a fully qualified domain name.

> telnet

Telnet Interactive Mode and Commands

The telnet command provides an interactive shell where it can be used to connect remote telnet servers. There are a few commands which can be used to connect remote telnet server, close the existing telnet connection, send some string to the server, exit from telnet interactive mode.

> telnet
Telnet Interactive Mode and Commands

Use the o command in order to connect remote telnet server while using the telnet interactive mode.


Interesting and Comic Telnet Servers

Telnet is a simple and popular protocol where it can be used for different purposes. On the internet, there are different open and public telnet servers that provide different functions like providing weather information, playing some movies, chatting etc.

Weather with WunderGround

The wunderground is a weather forecasting and information server which also provides information via the telnet. Just connect to the telnet server of the WunderGround with the following command which will display the current weather information for your location.

> telnet

Chat with Telehack

The telehack is a telnet server that provides different applications via the telnet. One of them is chatting with Eliza. Just open the Telehack telnet connection and use .eliza to chat with it which is an AI.

> telnet

Star Wars with BlinkenLights

The BlinkedLights provides the Star Wars CLI version which is a very interesting project which can be viewed via the telnet command and protocol. There is no need to install a video player, any codec, etc. Just use the following command to connect Star Wars server and watch it.

> telnet
Star Wars with BlinkenLights

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