11 Differences Between macOS and Windows

The operating system is the lifeblood of any computer. It allows us to run and manage applications, access files, and handle network communication.  The two most popular desktop operating systems are macOS and Microsoft Windows, but they come with some distinct differences that users should be aware of.  1. User Interface macOS has a more … Read more

echo Command In Windows

The echo command is a very popular command for multiple operating systems. echo command is used to print some text or variable values into the standard output. The standard output is the terminal or console by default but the standard output can be also a peripheral or COM port too. In this tutorial, we examine … Read more

Enable and Disable Local Echo In Putty

PuTTY is a Windows and Linux tool used to connect Serial and SSH services. As a Serial line tool, it provides different options for the connection. The serial connection provides configuration like baud rate, number of data bits, stop bits, parity flow control, etc. By default, the pressed key is sent to the serial line … Read more

PowerShell Invoke-Sqlcmd Command Tutorial

PowerShell provides the Invoke-Sqlcm command in order to connect run and SQL queries in SQL database servers. We can use the Invoke-Sqlcmd command in a different way by providing credentials or providing a connection string. Also, we can run SQL queries directly or provide the SQL using an SQL file. Run SQL Command We can … Read more

Restart Windows Computer Remotely From Command Line

Windows computers can be restarted from command line remotely. We can Use the shutdown MS-DOS command or Restart-Computer Powershell command in order to restart computers remotely. The shutdown command can be used to restart remotely via the PowerShell. Restart Using shutdown Command The shutdown command can be used to restart Windows compuer remotely. The /r … Read more

How To Start Control Panel From Command Line In Windows?

Windows operating systems provide the Control Panel in order to manage the operating system’s different features. Windows Control Panel can be used to manage, sound, date-time, devices, keyboard, services, applications, user accounts, etc. The Control Panel can be opened in different ways. In this tutorial, we examine how to open Windows Control Panel via command … Read more

How To Start Windows Update Service From Command Line?

Windows Update is a very important Windows service used to check, download and install Windows updates in the background. The Windows Update works as a service and runs operations periodically. As a service, the Windows Update services, start, stop, restart, etc. In order to run the Windows service we should start it. In this tutorial, … Read more

How To Restart Windows Time Service From Command Line Interface?

Windows Time Service is used to clock and date synchronize for Windows operating systems. The Windows Time Service is named as W32Time a Windows service. We can manage the Windows Time Service via command line interfaces like Ms-DOS or PowerShell. We can restart the Windows Time Service by using the net command and Stop-Service command. … Read more

Start and Stop Service via Command Line In Windows

Windows is a modern operating system that heavily uses services to accomplish different tasks and provides different services. The Windows services generally started and stopped in the background according to their configuration or automated scripts. We can also start and stop services in Windows operating system by using the command line interfaces MS-DOS or PowerShell. … Read more

Run SQL Query In PowerShell

PowerShell is a very talented command line that also provides the ability to connect and query SQL servers. We can use the Invoke-Sqlcmd command in order to query SQL servers. The Invoke-Sqlcmd command provides lots of features like a query from a file, passing the variables to the query, etc. Run SQL Query We can … Read more